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    • This robot can always win or can also sometimes lose all money?
      The software wins 9 times on 10 depending the statistics.
      For not loosing all the money you should withdraw the money you won every day.
    • How much will the Easy Money Bot software cost me?
      Easy Money Bot is completely free of charge, and is risk-free without any commitments from you.
    • Can Easy Money Bot endanger my PC?
      No, not at all. Easy Money Bot is completely virus-free, contains no spyware nor adware, and therefore is of no risk to you or your PC.
    • Is Easy Money Bot legal?
      Yes, it is perfectly legal. Provided you can legally play online casinos in your area, the use of bots is legal.
    • Are these casinos trustworthy?
      Yes, each and every one of these casinos are absolutely trustworthy.
      Only casinos with valid licenses and secure encryption are listed.
    • What operating systems are compatible with Easy Money Bot?
      Easy Money Bot works on every operating systems
    • What is the ideal budget for Easy Money Bot?
      There is not such thing as the ideal budget.
      But bare in mind: The higher the budget, the safer Easy Money Bot works.