Easy Money Bot - Tutorials

How to use Easy Money Bot


  • 100% Windows compatible.
  • Fast Support.
  • Fast installation.
  • Here we explain step by step what to do to take full advantage of the robot wheel and start making money.

    • Download and install Easy Money bot

    • Install the Casino software
      You must install casino software on your computer for Easy Money Bot can play.
      Easy Money Robot

    • Create an account in the Casino
      You can create two types of accounts:
      FUN ACCOUNT: If you want to test the robot without playing with real money without making a deposit.
      REAL ACCOUNT:Play with real money and win real money.
      Easy Money Robot

    • Open the Roulette and configure it
      Open European Roulette and Menu / Options, select the game fast.
      Easy Money Robot

    • Click Auto-Play and Run Easy Money Bot
      Easy Money to start, just click Auto-Play and watch it play and win at your place.